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    Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries
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    Investing Process in China

  • Tianjin Overview
    Linyi Overview
    Linyi (simplified Chinese: 临沂; traditional Chinese: 臨沂; pinyin: Línyí) is a prefecture-level city in the south of Shandong province, China. As of 2011, Linyi is the largest prefecture-level city in Shandong, both by area and popul... learn more
  • City Advantage
    City Advantage
    EconomyLinyi's economy is based around its wholesale markets. The Linyi Wholesale City is ranked 3rd in its category in China with an annual trade volume of 40 billion RMB (~US$5 billion). The Linyi prefecture has developed more t... learn more
  • 2016/01/18
    Teapot refiners from Shandong province are accelerating their global moves to cash in on business opportunities arising from low crude prices.Shandong...
  • 2015/07/03
    "The city is a microcosm of all cities that sacrifice the environment in the process of economic transition, and has to pay its historical debts to th...
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